Worm Advice

Parasites for Dogs


Parasites that can effect your dog include:

  • Tapeworm – your dog could cross paths with this worm in many ways
  • Mosquitoes – This flying pest bites and can cause more than an itch
  • Ticks – Long grass is where these blood suckers lie in wait for passing dogs
  • Biting Lice – If this type of louse targets your pet, it won’t give up easily
  • Lungworm – Transmitted by slugs and snails this parasite can kill dogs
  • Fox Lungworm – Not to be confused with the Angiostrongylus vasorum lungworm
  • Whipworm – This worm could whip your dog’s intestine into a frenzy
  • Heartworm – A traveling pet threat, heartworm is spread by infected mosquitoes
  • Hookworm – Don’t let your pet get hooked on these
  • Roundworm – Beware this worm can affect your health as well your pooch
  • Ear Mites – These mites can hide away in the ears of your pets
  • Demodex – Some dogs will struggle to keep these mites under control
  • Sarcoptes – Extremely contagious, this mite infection can spread all over your pet
  • Flea Larvae – Larvae can hatch in your carpet and infest your home
  • Fleas – These critters will share your home if they’re given the chance 13